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From Mediterranean breeze to olive-kissed hill from desert crag to Dead Sea mud, Israel is home to rich resources that have enabled the growth of a cosmetics and toiletries industry known around the world for the excellence of its products, and appreciated for enhancing beauty, rejuvenating face, hair and body, and maintaining hygiene. Companies in this sector range from large concerns with a market presence in many countries to family-run boutique operations. Modern R&D labs and production facilities are the norm, whether for conventional or natural and organic products. Several companies have built brands that are widely recognized, and most offer private label production as well. All take pride in their careful formulations based on exceptional ingredients, advanced manufacturing methods and sought-after results.


Israeli manufacturers have applied their talent for innovation to the toiletries industry. Product lines in this segment range from wet wipes, diapers, toilet and facial tissues, and incontinence and feminine hygiene products to dental hygiene and shaving products. Many are formulated with indigenous plants and other resources such as Dead Seaminerals, olive oil, and citrus oils for specialty shampoos, soaps, and creams.


Unique resources lead to unique cosmetics

Scientific research into the curative properties of the Dead Sea’s minerals has led to the establishment of nearly 50 companies dedicated to producing skin care and health and beauty products based on these unique resources.


Organic/ natural cosmetics and toiletries

Perched between the Mediterranean Sea and vast deserts to the east, Israel is host to a large variety of indigenous plants, many with therapeutic qualities. The move to organic and natural products in both local and world markets has spurred Israeli companies to develop products that meet this need, manufacturing them to stringent Ecocert standards. The wide range of products includes treatments for the face, hair, and body.


Private label production

Leveraging their ability to meet strict quality control procedures and production deadlines, Many Israeli manufacturers supply private label products. Leading Israeli cosmetics and toiletries manufacturers work with overseas partners to create products that meet local market needs, including fashion conscious and environmentally-sensitive packaging.


Compliance to standards

All Israeli cosmetics and toiletry manufacturers meet Israeli Ministry of Health standards, which closely follow EU and American requirements. Many bear ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification, attesting to their commitment to universally-accepted management and environmental quality standards. Almost all companies offering organic-natural products comply with Ecocert requirements.


The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is committed to bringing together potential clientele with Israeli manufacturers that suit their needs, ensuring that people throughout the world benefit from the innovation and quality of Israel’s cosmetics and toiletries industry.

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Nitzan Paicov

Director, Life Style & Consumer Goods Sector

Galit Soudai-Moscovich

Business Development Life Style & Consumer Goods

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