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Tuesday, November 8th 16:00-18:00

The world's most significant summit on climate change, COP27, will take place in Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt, from 7-17 November this year.

During this conference, the Israel Export Institute will hold an event, which will showcase the most advance Israeli solutions to the challenges of the global climate change, with the focus on Energy, Water scarcity, Agriculture & Food-tech.

This will be Israel's main Business event for climate technologies at COP27, held in cooperation with Climate Action, an official partner for side-event program hosted by the COP. It will include presentations, as well as thematical Round Tables discussions, which will facilitate an open dialogue to explore potential synergies.

The session will bring together governmental entities, investors & multinational corporates from around the world, to get acquainted with the innovative Israeli technologies in these spheres, and to explore future collaboration & joint ventures.

The event will take place in the "Climate Action Innovation Zone", on Tuesday, November 8th.


16:00-17:15 Opening remarks, a multidisciplinary panel on the latest innovations in the Israeli climate tech industry.

17:15-18:30 Round table discussions in the fields of:
- Water: “Sustainable water management - Multilayer approach to water sources management ” Moderator, Yossi Yaacoby- Mekorot
- Foodtech & Agtech: “Sharing the kitchen - why collaborations are critical for addressing food security” Moderator, Yael Weiss - Start-up Nation Central
- Energy: “State of the art Israeli technologies and opportunities for CO2 emissions reduction worldwide" Moderator, Dorit Banet - Eilat Eilot organization

18:30 onwards – business networking event (cocktail reception).