Cleantech and Smart Infrastructure Sector

The Cleantech & Smart Infrastructure Sector is focusing on environmental technologies which are dealing with the prevention and mitigation of environmental hazards created by human activities in industry, agriculture, and modern life in general. Many of those environmental hazards caused by fossil energy production - coal and oil. The raising awareness of the impacts of climate change, the world is seeking solutions to reduce emissions and waste.

 Israel has about 400 cleantech companies and about 300 more in the Construction & Property technologies (Contech and Proptech domain).

The solutions in these domains span the entire value chain of those rather traditional and conservative industries of Energy, Construction, and Engineering, and aiming to disrupt and digitalize it. From design and planning phases through on-site execution and operation to optimization and maintenance.

  • Some of the topics which are dominant in the Israeli Cleantech & smart infrastructure landscape of innovation are:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Storage
  • Optimizing Plan & Built phase
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Infrastructure and Projects Management

The Cleantech Smart infrastructure Sector in the Israel Export Institute aims to promote the Israeli most cutting edge technologies in these domains on different platforms such as international exhibitions and conferences around the world, providing scouting services and professional information about the sector and formulating business activities and engagements to create business partnerships with leading Energy, Construction and Engineering companies around the world. 

Here you can find the EnergyTech ecosystem mapping The Cleantech & smart infrastructure unit has published in September 2020.


Hila Lipman

Haed of Cleantech & Smart Infrastructure Sector

Yuval Yerushalmi

Business Development , Cleantech & Smart Infrastructure Sector

Gilad Peled

Director, Ag-Tech, Water & Cleantech

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