Developments and trends in Israeli exports - 2018

For the Full Year 2018 | summary report

  • Exports of goods and services rose by 7% in dollar terms, to USD 110.6 billion. The increase in exports was mainly attributable to accelerated growth in services exports in general, and high-tech services in particular – in line with the trend of the last few years.
  • Exports of Hi-Tech services fueled the overall export growth in services – hitting a record USD 50 billion in 2018 its weight in total Israeli exports reached an all-time-high (45% of total exports).
  • The bulk of Hi-Tech exports are attributed to services: approx. USD 29 billion that represent 57% of total Hi-Tech exports. Exports of industrial Hi-Tech (equipment and products) totaled USD 22 billion – 43% of total Hi-Tech exports.
  • Exports of goods has grown for the second consecutive year rising 3% to USD 60.6 billion, following a continued decline in previous years. Growth was recorded almost across the board: while electronic components and chemicals recorded the highest growth rate, exports of pharmaceuticals and aircraft fell sharply.
  • As we predicted in our previous export reviews - in 2018 there was a substantial recovery in exports of electronic components, having a positive impact on exports to Asia, which also soared compared to 2017 levels.
  • Exports to Asia recorded a sharp increase; exports to the European Union and the United Stated fell slightly - mainly due to the decline in pharmaceutical exports.
  • The forecast for 2019: a 5% increase in dollar terms to exports of USD 116 billion; should global trade and export projections materialize, Israeli exports are predicted to hit USD 120 billion by 2020.


For the Full Year 2018 | summary report


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