Consumer Goods Division

 Consumer Goods Division

Creates and expands business opportunities for Israeli exporters through establishing contacts with leading international retail chains and buyers in the field, business meetings at international exhibitions, connections with agents and distributors, and media coverage in trade journals. The division facilitates exporters’ participation in marketing activities such as visits by buyers and journalists, and meeting customers at overseas venues. Sectors represented include food, wine & beverages, cosmetics & toiletries, home & family products, packaging, plastics, textiles & fashion, Judaica, giftware & jewelry products.

Israeli Packaging Industry

Israeli packaging suppliers provide manufacturers the world over with products for packaging everything from luxury goods to industrial chemicals. From fashion-frivolous designs to mil spec durable, from plastic to paper to metal and more, these companies have built an export industry that sends innovative, quality products and materials to customers around the world.

Leading exporters manufacture long shelf-life, biodegradable and recyclable packaging for the food and beverage industry, agricultural and chemical products, and toiletries, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. A smaller number manufactures machinery, packages for transport, labels, and similar specialty products. Direct exports of Israeli packaging products reached $300 million in 2010, a growth of ten percent over 2005.

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Israeli Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry

Israeli cosmetics and toiletries companies sell in the world’s most demanding markets, including Europe, which in 2011 took over 50 percent of exports. Total export volume in 2011 was $536 million representing a 10 percent growth compared to 2010, and $271 million in the first half of 2012. About two-thirds of exports are toiletries. Major chains carrying Israeli brands include Sephora, Target and T.J.Maxx, while multinationals, including Procter & Gamble, Kimberly- Clark, Wella and CVS, contract manufacture to Israeli private label producers.

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Israeli Food Industry

Geography and demographics combine to make Israel a culinary crossroads, where European, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines blend together, resulting in a wide array of original Mediterranean-style foods, most of which are certified kosher. Health awareness, at the top of Israel’s consumer agenda, has driven the development of the country’s meatless, sugar free, organic and other specialty foods.

The Israeli food sector is characterized by strong competition, the use of advanced working methods, strengthening marketing networks, and effective multinational partnerships. Above all, Israel’s food industry is known for its desire and ability to provide Israeli and international consumers with a broad and diverse range of quality products.

Placing a heavy emphasis on research and development, many Israeli food companies have developed innovative products that are exported worldwide. The flexibility and willingness of Israeli companies to meet buyers’ specifications make Israel an excellent source for private label goods.

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Home and Family Products Industry

Israeli home and family products meet consumer requirements: They’re priced right, are of high quality, and suit the lifestyles of their purchasers. They’re designed and manufactured in a country with significant design and production expertise, backed by a vigorous research tradition. Add to these traits a business knack for perceiving and filling market niches, a society that values innovation and a booming consumer culture. As well, because the local market is small, Israeli manufacturers must succeed on the world market to achieve economies of scale. The result? Home and family products that move quickly from idea to retail shelf and on past the checkout counter. Strong local demand for these goods helps manufacturers by providing rapid, efficient customer feedback. From a traditional mom-and-pop retail environment, Israel has moved quickly to superstore chains, several of which bear American brand names, including Ace Hardware and Toys R Us. In 2010 Israeli manufacturers in this sector exported $1.5 billion worth of products to more than 100 countries. Of the net exports, 78 percent went to Europe and 19 percent to the United States. Many of these goods are manufactured for private labels such as Stanley Black & Decker. Retail chains including Home Depot, Argos, Brico, Carrefour, Castorama, Homebase, Lowe’s, Leroy Merlin and Walmart are among the many that profit from Israeli home and family products. 

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