Fresh Produce & Wine

The Israeli Fresh Produce Industry brings you a unique variety of products with a unique variety advantages.

Taste the advantages
• Cutting-edge Research and Development of new varieties, flavors.
• Ideal for worldwide trends: environmental friendly, organic.
• Range of top quality fresh agricultural produce – Fresh herbs, Fruits, Citrus & Vegetables.
• Unique climate, Perfect for around the year crops.
• Advanced logistical capabilities that allow a continuous supply with optimal transport conditions.
• Advanced, high-end storage technology.
• Free-trade zone with the European Union.
• High quality agricultural produce.
• State-of-the-art packaging processes.
• Top product safety & advanced Production Control

Israeli wine has undergone a quality revolution. The results are impressive - improved quality and international recognition at the highest possible level for its wines. It seems that each year, the Israeli wines are pushing the boundaries with their achievements. To quote Hugh Johnson, the world’s most famous wine writer: “Recently with plantings of classic varieties in cool high altitude regions, a wine revolution took root. Continued investment in modern technology, and international trained winemakers have had dramatic effect.” Robert Parker, the world’s most influential wine critic, wrote about Israeli wines: “The wines are getting better all the time and some of them are superb.” Israel now has a thriving and dynamic wine industry. The wines are better than ever. Even though this all seems so recent, it is a fact that Israel had been making wine for over 5,000 years. Vineyards again cover the land of Israel, as they did in Biblical times. This long illustrious history of winemaking is now matched for the first time, by the quality of the wines.


Yaara Shimony

Manager, Fresh Produce and Wine

Alona Trivaks

Marketing Coordinator

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