During the last two decades, Israeli companies have been on the leading edge of innovation in the health and wellness industries, helping to fuel the growth of this $770 billion market. Segments in this dynamic market include Vitamins & Minerals, Herbs & Botanicals, Sports Nutrition, Natural & Organic, as well as Functional Foods – and there are innovative Israeli companies active in all of these sectors.

The global trends that are driving this market are the need to feed an additional 1.2 billion people by 2030, an aging population in developed countries, an increased understanding of nutrition and diet and how it affects public health and also a growing consumer awareness and demands. Creative thinking and advanced technology are two characteristics readily found in Israel and are instrumental in responding to these mega-trends.

From farm-to-fork, there is a whirlwind of innovative health and wellness solutions, from food brands to ingredients manufacturers, flavor and fragrance producers to state-of-the-art delivery systems for important health benefits. There is also a dynamic and thriving ecosystem of researchers, entrepreneurs and capital that endlessly create new technologies and business ideas.

This creative energy has led to the development of many Israeli companies providing technologies, services and products for the health and wellness industry.

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute is your premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies.  The IEICI’s expertise in technology and product scouting, joint ventures and strategic alliances with Israeli companies, spans more than half a century. 

Whatever your field is, IEICI offers access to relevant businesses and government resources.

With expertise in Israel's leading Industries, IEICI provides the information you need to connect, negotiate and do business, and offers assistance in collaborations between Israeli companies and multinational food companies and retailers.



Gilad Peled

Director, Agrotech, Food & Water Department

Tali Yonathan-Vantman

Marketing Coordinator

Adi Teicher

Head of Food & Foodtech

Yana Aleinikov

Business Development,Food & Foodtech

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