Virtual Expo - TLV Contech & Proptech 2020

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Virtual Expo - TLV Contech & Proptech 2020

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Virtual Expo - TLV Contech & Proptech 2020


Virtual Expo - TLV Contech & Proptech 2020

24-25 November 2020

TLV Contech & Proptech 2020, November 24-25, is the first, biggest, virtual international conference & exhibition for applied innovation in construction & real estate industries  - initiated by the Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.  TLV Contech & Proptech 2020 virtual event will bring together disruptive start-ups, industry leaders, experts, and multinational corporations to collaborate and discuss cutting edge products and technologies for this changing industry.  Israeli innovative companies and startup are invited to join us and showcase their solutions in a virtual booth, engage in the main conference sessions and get connected directly with potential partners, customers and investors. 

Who can you expect to meet in the event?  Target Audience will include:

  • Constructors, Subcontractors
  • Construction Materials Companies
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Property Management Companies
  • Environmental Project Leaders
  • ESCO groups
  • Ecosystem & Innovation Leaders
  • VCs & Investors
  • Engineering, Planning & Design firms
  • Government & municipalities’ rep.
  • Business partners (integrators, agents, distributors, resellers, project companies)
  • Critical infrastructure (airports, seaports, electricity, O&G, hospitals, transport, communications)

*List of participants will be presented on the virtual platform 2 weeks before the event starts.

Who should apply to be an exhibitor?  The virtual global event will focus on the cutting edge Israeli products and technologies in accordance with the global trends:

  • Digitalized & Data-driven Construction
  • Planning and design
  • Safety
  • Site inspection
  • Advanced materials & building methods
  • Project management & collaboration platforms
  • Property Management Technologies
  • Applications for Indoor Environments (Energy efficiency, lighting & AC)
  • Property and infrastructure management & maintenance
  • Real estate marketing solutions
  • Investment platforms
  • Location based services

What do you get as an exhibitor in TLV Contech & Proptech 2020 ? Suitable Israeli startups and companies can participate as Virtual Booth Exhibitors or Virtual Demo Exhibitors.

Virtual Booth Exhibitors:

  • Virtual booth in English that includes:
    • Company’s logo (up to 3 MB), company text that includes a key phrase of up to 60 words, a brief description of the company in up to 450 words, and additional company information in up to 5-6 paragraphs. 
    • Space for a brochure, in PDF format (up to 5 MB)
    • Space for viewing one video from YouTube
    • Social networking links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
    • Option to add up to 10 images (up to 3 MB per image)
  • 3 registration codes for the event, including  access to conference professional sessions and workshops & access to direct interaction with all conference global attendees
  • Additional registration code for exhibitors: 250 NIS IEI Members

Participation fee:

Early birds (by Sep 25): 900 NIS for IEI members / 1,800 NIS regular

Regular (by Oct 15): 1150 NIS for IEI members/ 2,500 NIS regular

Virtual Demo Exhibitors (limited to 6 exhibitors):

  • Virtual booth in English (same as “Booth exhibitors”)
  • Present a unique virtual demo video in the “Demo Session” as part of the conference’s main events (the responsibility for videotaping the demo is the sponsor's responsibility).
  • Exhibit a virtual demo video as part of the “Demo Zone” on the event website
  • Live demo option (in real-time). Subjected to the approval of content by the Export Institute’s professional committee
  • 6 registration codes for the event, including  access to conference professional sessions and workshops & access to direct interaction with all conference global attendees

Participation fee (by Oct 15 or until first 6 registered):

2,500 NIS for IEI members / 5,000 NIS regular


Please note:

  • The number of places in the virtual exhibition and VR demos is limited and subject to the approval of the Export Institute’s professional committee
  • Advised to register as soon as possible, exhibition space is secured only upon approval, payment and submission of all materials.

For more information, please contact us at the Israel Export Institute: 

  • Noa Aharoni, Manager, Cleantech & Smart Infrastructure, 03-5142846 or by email: 
  • Ron Brum, Marketing Coordinator, Cleantech & Smart Infrastructure, 03-5142862 or by email: 
  • Galit Soudai-Moscovici, Production Manager for Int'l Exhibitions 03-5142998 or by email:

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