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The automotive sector at the Israel Export Institute regularly monitors global trends and assists many in the Israeli industry to succeed in penetrating the international automotive market. It currently assists more than 350 companies- including high-tech, manufacturers and subcontractors.
The sector works to expose developments and innovation of Israeli exporters by means of: incoming delegations- business meetings and opportunities; participation at roadshows abroad, national pavilions abroad; distribution of business information and convening a board of directors (a steering committee) at least twice a year. We also recently launched a digital catalog, which will serve as a convenient tool to search for Israeli companies.
There is cooperation and discussion with the purchase consultants of OEMs based in Israel (Ford, Toyota, VW, Volvo, General Motors, Daimler, Renault etc.) to find suitable companies for their purposes in Israel. These companies will serve as subcontractors and technology providers, establishing valuable partnerships over time.
Vehicles and mobility will change dramatically over the next decade, as a result of technological advances, changes in regulations and consumer behavior. These fundamental changes will allow new players and business models to penetrate markets independently. This is ideal for Israeli companies, with creative solutions which support changes in the industry.
Although Israel does not manufacture vehicles at a large scale, it has become a global laboratory for autonomous and smart transportation. Israeli companies, known for their innovation, are leaders in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies.
Recently, we are witnessing major investments in automotive technology companies and a growing interest in opening R&D centers of international companies in Israel.
Israel's progress in transportation management systems, computer vision, control of sound systems, gestures’ recognition, cyber security, location-based services, big data and more- makes driving experience smarter, faster, safer and more energy efficient.


Erez Gold

Manager, Automotive, smart mobility & smart city

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Marketing Coordinator

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