The industry of agricultural inputs in Israel is one of the pioneers and leaders of the industries in Israel. This industry, which is characterized by intensive research and development of innovative systems, developed mainly due to the need to overcome the adverse climate and the existing shortage of land and water.

The Agriculture Sector in the Israel Export Institute works to strengthen ties and cooperation in existing markets, as well as bargain and penetrate new markets. The Sector helps in finding new niches activity (dairy industry, family agriculture in developing countries), maintaining the reputation of the Israeli agriculture industry, training and assistance to exporters and international organizations activities in the areas of agriculture and water.

Major industry sectors

  • Fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, seeds, seedlings and multiple materials, machinery, veterinary products and food additives, plastics, animal, agricultural advice.
  • Companies in the industry are divided into 3 types:
  • Manufacturers Companies of chemicals and equipment
  • Projects Companies
  • Agricultural experts

More and more Israeli companies are collaborating on a combination of knowledge, technologies and equipment to sell agricultural projects that bring solutions (Turn key projects) in order to raise the quality and quantity of agricultural produce.


Lea Porat

Manager, Agro- Technology

Eyal Zachor

Marketing Coordinator, Agro-Technology

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