Water Technologies

The Water Sector in the Export Institute set itself the task to promote the Israeli technological innovation around the world and accompany the companies engaged in all aspects, from business development, marketing assistance tolocate potential markets and customers, as well as focused marketing activities in exhibitions, conferences, delegations and business meetings.

The Water Sector enjoys the support of Israel NewTech-national program to promote water and energy technologies, led by the Ministry of Industry. With the assistance of this program the Export Institute promotes Israeli industry and enables it to remain at the global forefront as the leader and developer of new and most advanced technologies.

The Water Sector at the Export Institute assists companies to penetrate into the global market by providingprofessional information, drafting business plans, creating business partnerships, assistance in finding business opportunities and business contacts, focused activities with companies and large organizations overseas, organizing incoming and outgoing delegations, participation in exhibitions and international conferences around the world andan extensive marketing activities with the support of the commercial attaches and professional consultants around the world.

The Water Sector assists companies and exporters of the following areas:


  • Water treatment
  • Water Purification
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water Security
  • Water Management
  • Desalination
  • Filtering
  • Irrigation
  • Water recycling
  • Command and control
  • Project Companies
  • Consulting, engineering and planning
  • Water infrastructure equipment
  • Finding distributors
  • Incubators and start - up companies
  • Home Use
  • Water meters and leaks detection


Aviv Bercovich

Manager, Water Sector

Samantha Klazkin

Marketing Coordinator, Water Sector

Ron Brum

Marketing Coordinator, Water Sector

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