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AnyVision is a world leading video analytics company specializing in face and human recognition in mass crowd events in real time. AnyVision was founded in 2014 and is led by academics and security experts.AnyVision has developed ‘Better Tomorrow’ which is the world’s most advanced Tactical Surveillance System (T.S.S) for real time face recognition that uses deep learning algorithms to detect, track and recognize a Person Of Interest (POI) at any given time and scene, with a 99% accuracy rate.Simultaneously analyzes multiple live video streams from various sources such as CCTV cameras, wearable or mobile cameras.Better Tomorrow is a powerful and versatile video analysis system. It produces valuable insights from video feeds. The system design encompasses nearly two decades of extensive research and development experience in intelligence solutions security domains. AnyVision Face Recognition algorithm is based on a convolutional neural network (CNN) technology, developed by AnyVision research team. Our algorithm has been tested by the most challenging academic benchmarks to receive the highest scores, and more important tested and compared in the field to other top systems to be chosen as the best. AnyVision Better Tomorrow detects, tracks and alerts on people of interest in real time, the system is capable of analyzing live video or pre-recorded video files. The system can retrieve data from different sensors, which can be easily navigated, processed, and represented by employing a set of powerful analytic tools and unique algorithms.


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